“To organize”: a Few Words with Stefano Germani

Stefano Germani parla di

The new episode of "R&D.pod, Words in Technology", the Riccardo Busetto podcast, addresses a term of great importance in running a modern company: the verb "to organize". The host of the new episode is Stefano Germani, Financial Manager of I-TRONIK.

"Organizing" means putting into practice a series of operations that must take into account the fluidity of events, the constant passage of time that never keeps things unaltered.

Covid-19 has been a good training ground for testing the reaction skills, as well as the consolidated, flexible organizational structures capable of overcoming the sudden emergence of the emergency. All in an organic way, like the elements of a biological body, in perfect balance with each other, capable of supporting each other according to the turbulence of becoming. Here is the experience of a company that reacted in a targeted way to the emergence of the health emergency. (the podcast is in Italian)


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