Recycle4.0 – How to Draw Value from Industrial Waste

Riciclo4.0 MECSPE

How to draw value from electronic, plastic and IT waste.

How to collect and recover plastic, electronic and IT waste; how to regenerate and extract reusable components; how to obtain an economic revenue by returning raw materials otherwise lost in the production process respecting the regulations and the environment by operating in a virtuous and economically convenient way.
These are the steps necessary to answer the formula Recycle4.0 = €. All these steps will be discussed during a meeting with key figures from important companies operating in the automotive, plastics, electronics and metallurgical fields.

The Event

Recycle4.0 will be based on the most basic concepts of the circular economy and will explain how to earn with careful and prudent management of waste in connection to the modern concepts of Industry 4.0.
The 50 minutes of the event, which will be held on the 28th of March 2020 at MECSPE, Parma, in the Arena Hall 4 (h. 11-11: 50), will be divided into two main subjects: the recovery and enhancement of post-consumer plastics and the treatment of electronic and IT industry waste in order to recover precious metals to be returned to industrial or crafts production.
The event will be introduced by a vademecum on the regulations to be followed and on the best practices to be implemented to operate without any risks maximizing profits and managing technical and bureaucratic processes.

The experience of the important Italian player 2C Ecologia of Castenedolo (BS) will support the event.

The meeting also aims to be configured as a starting point for a series of communication activities that will follow in the coming months.


The meeting is organized by 01net portal and PCB Magazine and Plastix magazines.


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