Perfect to Tests the Wetting Balance of Component Leads

Seika Machinery, Inc. (, introduces the MALCOM SWB-2 Dip Wetting Tester. The system effectively tests the wetting balance of component leads and eliminates irregularities during testing with a fully automated wetting test procedure.

The SWB-2 Dip Wetting Tester automates the entire procedure, from flux application (with flux temperature control function) to measurement end. The system reduces unstable measurement results and user error.

With the SWB-2, users can easily change solder and flux as needed, while efficiently analyzing data with the exclusive PC software. As an added option, a cover allows for wetting evaluation in an N2 environment.

The SWB-2 complies with the wetting test method according to JIS Z3198 (Lead-Free Solder Test Method) standards.


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