New Low-Temperature Solder Paste from SHENMAO

SHENMAO America introduces its PQ10 Low Temperature Solder Paste. SHENMAO produces SMT solder paste, laser soldering paste, cored solder wire, wave solder bar, semiconductor packaging solder spheres, wafer bumping solder paste, flux and solar PV ribbon.

PQ10 is made with the Sn42Bi58 alloy that has been qualified by a third-party organization and has a melting point of 138°C. PQ10 in comparison with SnAgCu: reduced peak reflow temperature, reduced energy consumption, reduced warpage of PCB and components.

PQ10 is also paired with SHENMAO’s newly-designed PF735 and PF743 alloys. Comparison with other low-temperature alloys: finer bismuth phase, better drop test performance e better thermal cycle test performance.


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