Industry 4.0: Is Italy Alive and Kicking?

Industry 4.0, Fourth Industrial Revolution, Smart Manufacturing, are all slogans that identify a single phenomenon: the digital transformation of manufacturing businesses. But what exactly are these?

The RISE Laboratory of the University of Brescia has been studying this new paradigm for some years trying to assess the impact that new digital technologies may have on business processes.

Next July 5th, at the (former) Faculty of Engineering of the University of Brescia in Via Branze 38, will be presented the results of the second research carried out by the RISE Laboratory on a sample of over 100 Italian manufacturing companies. The aim is to illustrate a clear, accurate and objective picture based on the actual penetration of Industry 4.0, particularly within the SMEs. Along with the presentation of the research results, several corporate testimonials (including General Electric and Fondital) will show their 4.0 experience. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to listen from the voice of the big companies involved in technological solutions (thanks to the participation of SAP and Regesta, research partners). At the panel will attend Dr. Marco Calabrò of the Ministry of Economic Development, the organization that most of all contributed to the drafting of the Italian industrial plan Industria 4.0. At the end of the event, with free participation after registration at, the final search report will be available.


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