Giuseppe Nardella – 1938-2018

Giuseppe Nardella

Suddenly, on January 6th, Giuseppe Nardella, chairman of the publishing group Tecniche Nuove, passed away. He founded the group in 1964 with the precise aim of publishing technical information. He started in the field of mechanics and subsequently expanding to fields as diverse as heath cookery, architecture and electronics. His company grew in size thanks to his succesful ideas and his enthusiasm of his early years remain with him until his last day.

Tecniche Nuove is, at the moment, the largest publishing group in Italy covering a wide range of professional and scientific editorial fields.

Ivo Alfonso Nardella – who has been leading the company with his father in the last years – will continue his work and will have the full support of employees and collaborators of the group: Tecniche Nuove, New Business Media, Senaf, Accademia Tecniche Nuove, Grafica Quadrifoglio, Ariesdue, Ticino Edizioni, Centro Marketing, Jonio Comunicazione, Brazil Media Communications.


"I am convinced that in every company there is an invisible soul, a sort of common thread, which can be interpreted as harmony in the relationships between the Management and the people who work around it; if this harmony and soul develop together with the company, success is assured ".
– Giuseppe Nardella


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