e-Waste 4.0. How to Earn Money from Electronics Wastes

e-Waste 4.0. "
The bureaucratic pitfalls and environmental benefits of a circular economy: how to manage, process and transform industrial waste into resources." Parma, MECSPE fair, March 28th, 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm - Conference Hall "Farnese", Pav. 4


A Big Issue

Getting rid of production waste is no longer just an obligation, but a real gain.

But beware: the disposal regulations are far from clear, and the operations involved are not always easy to manage.

We have decided to talk about this topic with a series of experts, who will discuss the issue starting from the regulations, illustrating the various stages of recycling and disposal,  as well as modern management systems based on the most advanced IT concepts and technologies.

A round table that will range from the management of electronic waste to scrap metal and plastic processing, offering a potentially broad view to any industry represented at MECSPE.
 We shall examine the issue with representatives from the following five categories:

- Producers: those who - producing waste - can obtain economic benefits and avoid sanctions or bureaucratic difficulties.

- Traders: those who undertake and manage the complex mediation involved.

- Transformers: those companies that have the skills and experience to transform waste into resources.

- Users: those who purchase the recovered and transformed materials, reuse them or put them back into circulation according to the most advanced concepts of a circular economy.

- The managers of IT platforms, who become the guarantors of efficient, transparent and traceable management.


The round table will be chaired by the journalists Riccardo Busetto (PCB Magazine) and Dario Colombo (01net.it).
For further information, please contact:
redazione.pcb@newbusinessmedia.it - Tel. +39 02 92984 557


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