SHENMAO Offers Quality Low-Temperature Solder Paste for SMT Devices

Shenmao Solder Paste

SHENMAO America, Inc. introduces PF735-PQ10 Low Temperature Solder Paste.

Qualified by a third-party organization, the PQ10 series of low temperature solder paste is made with a modified Sn/Bi alloy that has a lower melting point range from 137~142 °C to 137~170 °C. This makes it ideal for SMT devices, which can have sensitive components that cannot withstand higher temperatures.

Low-temperature solder paste has become more widely used in the assembly of surface mount technology devices because certain assemblies cannot withstand the same temperatures that are used for lead-free soldering, typically 240-250 °C. These high temperatures can damage sensitive components, causing warpage and other damage.

SHEMAO’s PQ10 series of low-temperature solder paste offers some important benefits when it comes to SMT assembly. When compared with SnAgCu, the PQ10 series of low-temperature solder paste offers reduced peak reflow temperature, energy consumption, and warpage of PCBs and components. In comparison with the Sn42/Bi58 Eutectic alloy, the PQ10 series offers better ductility, finer microstructure, and increased drop and thermal reliability.


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