SEMPREPRESENTI.IT: Tecniche Nuove’s Response to Coronavirus

Keeping a close eye on your current and potential customers  is fundamental, especially in times of economic difficulty such as we are experiencing at the moment.

With the recent restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of Corona Virus-Covid 19, many companies in the manufacturing sector have been finding it difficult to stay in touch with their markets. Gruppo Editoriale Tecniche Nuove has therefore decided to launch SEMPREPRESENTI.IT, an initiative designed to support these companies by facilitating communication between manufacturers and their markets.

We all have high hopes that we will get the better of this virus which, silently and subtly, is affecting people's lives. But we also have to think about the economy of our country. For this reason, the Tecniche Nuove Group wants to do its part and help the companies that have supported us for many years.


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