Seika Introduces Sayaka Twin Table PCB Router

Seika Machinery, Inc., introduces the new Sayaka SAM-CT34NJW Twin Table PCB Router with online camera for programming.

The system features advanced image-processing software with point-and-click operation for programming router paths. The CCD camera captures an image of the PCB, while programming cutting paths is achieved by simple point-and-click operation on screen. An ideal solution for stress-free depanelization, the high-speed router bit cleanly and precisely cuts densely populated PCBs without stressing the PCB. Cut paths can be as close as 0.5mm to a component.

The two-way flexible setting twin-table design provides faster, high precision processing and accommodates two boards up to 200 x 250mm. The flexible twin fixture tables can be converted into one large size fixture table that accommodates one PCB up to 400 x 250mm.

The automatic bit depth control feature extends bit life and reduces bit usage.   The online camera provides QR code reading to upload program and fiducial check with auto alignment of each panel.


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