PreventPCB and SPEA for Zero Defects

Objective: zero defects. This is the vocation that PreventPCB has in common – a distributor of printed circuit boards that has always stood out for its services to guarantee product quality – and SPEA, a leading company in the field of machinery and technologies for testing electronics.
From this common DNA a collaboration was born that, over time, has grown to become a true technological and commercial partnership.

PreventPCB has always supported the sale of printed circuit boards by offering pre and post sales services with a view to prior approval of the materials used to produce printed circuit boards, as well as certification and approval of the printed circuit itself. To do this it makes use of a complete range of equipment and tools for inspection and analysis, in which it could not fail, to complete the instruments for chemical-physical analysis, a test equipment capable of performing complete parametric and functional checks on circuits and assembled components.

A latest generation SPEA 4080 flying probe is now part of the PreventPCB laboratory, and from the sharing of knowledge on the process and on the possible product defects the two companies are drawing respectively an ability to improve algorithms and performance, and deeper analytical skills preventive and predictive that improve the services of the Prevent Quality Lab.


Roberto Lavelli, partner and vice president of PreventPCB, comments as follows: “SPEA is a leading company in the field of electrical testing, PreventPCB is likely to be in the context of the pre and post sales quality service of the printed circuit. The complementarity of the two companies becomes a stimulus to collaborate and to be able to offer customers even better quality products and services “.

Fabio Curti, SPEA Sales Manager, adds: “PreventPCB and SPEA address the same customer, one supplying bare printed circuit boards, the other assembling test equipment. Both have the quality of the final product at heart: hence the desire to work together to share with their customers the knowledge and tools necessary to guarantee it, ensuring that the electronics produced work properly and do not fail during use “.

A calendar of training events is offering the opportunity to shed light on the problems that can be encountered in the production process, and on how, respecting design guidelines and using appropriate production testing techniques, it is possible to prevent and intercept every possible product defect.



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