PCB Surface Finish Defect: a New Guide

SMART Group Defect Guide Surface Finish2

SMART Group, Europe’s largest technical trade association focusing on SurfaceMount And Related Technologies, announces that the “Printed Circuit Solderable Finish Defect Guide” has been printed and is available free of charge.

This next guide in the series relates to different surface coatings on PCBs and the common process and assembly failures that may occur. It illustrates issues at good receipt as well as typical assembly-related problems. Additionally, the guide provides example images of satisfactory surface finishes as a reference source and many common defect examples. It is well-known that surface finishes can create joint failures and other reliability problems; therefore, good solderability is key to success. The guide covers gold, tin, solder levelling, Copper OSP and other process defects.

Is it possible to register and download the guide at http://www.smartgroup.org/surface-finish-guide/.

As an additional resource, the updated “Conformal Coating & Cleaning Defect Guide 2” is finished and available to the industry for free. The colour guide provides examples of the most common process defects and common cures. The guide also features many of the common and less obvious defects seen during production. It will feature defects associated with components, printed circuit boards, design, materials, assembly and rework. It will includes some issues that may be seen on field returns. The Conformal Coating & Cleaning Defect Guide 2 guide was kindly supported by Electrolube & Humiseal, and can be downloaded free of charge by visiting http://coatingguide.smartgroup.org/.

Each of the guides in the Defect Guide series have been produced by Bob Willis for the SMART Group.


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