Nordson DAGE Explorer, a Compact X-ray Inspection System

Nordson DAGE announces the launch of the Nordson DAGE Explorer, one super compact X-ray inspection system. Designed specifically for the electronics industry with Nordson DAGE’s unique integrated imaging technology, the new Explorer one offers market leading image quality allowing features as small as 2 µm to be seen. Typical applications include BGA reflow inspection, PTH solder fill inspection, counterfeit component screening, cable quality inspection and QFN and QFP solder quality.

Explorer one leverages Nordson’s powerful and easy to use Gensys inspection software, developed for the Quadra Series X-ray inspection systems so operators and occasional users can perform quality inspection quickly, easily and with minimal training.  Explorer one gives real-time feedback so you can navigate around products and find defects fast.  Automated inspection routines ensure fast throughput when inspecting batches of boards.

Fast to install, Explorer one is Nordson DAGE’s smallest and lightest X-ray system with a super compact footprint that does not compromise board size. The unique double oblique angle detector geometry inspects 300x300 mm boards from every side making it quick and easy to check BGA’s and PTH’s.


Nordson Protects the Environment

Nordson DAGE is committed to protecting the environment. Lead containing compounds have been progressively withdrawn from use in consumer products over recent years and specific initiatives such as the EU RoHS directive continually seek to minimize use of lead and other hazardous substances. Nordson DAGE EnviroShield Technology is a propriety (patent pending) lead free X-ray shielding technology which is non-toxic and easy to dispose of at end of life.

Mark Flain, Business Director–X-ray commented, “Our exciting new X-ray platform, for electronics quality inspection, marks a new era in the marketplace. The Explorer one is fast and accurate, enabling OEMs to detect defects quicker and easier than ever before. This knowledge helps them maintain the highest quality standards. We hope EnviroShield in Explorer one will help us divert hundreds of tonnes of lead from being used in the future.”


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