MALCOM SPS-5A Solder Paste Mixer

Seika Machinery, Inc., a provider of advanced machinery and engineering services, presents the new SPS-5A Solder Paste Mixer from MALCOM.

MALCOM Sps Series Solder Paste Mixers

Unlike hand mixing, the Malcom SPS Solder Paste Mixer is a non contaminating mixer which utilizes pseudo planetary motion to stir the solder paste. The SPS-1 provides uniform paste consistency regardless of operator skill. The paste temperature rises due to friction, enabling control over the solder paste viscosity.
The SPS employs a pseudo-planetary motion whereas the solder paste container rotates slowly at the end of an arm which spins rapidly. The resulting centrifuge force causes the solder paste within the container to repeatedly fold over itself, thereby mixing and softening itself.


The SPS-5A

MALCOM has introduced a new version of its proven solder paste mixer designed especially for non-intrusive mixing of solder paste in cartridges. The cartridge can be taken from the refrigerator to the screen printer in approximately 10 minutes. Safety interlocks include a door switch and lock as well as an unbalanced motion detector to stop the system when abnormal vibration occurs.
The SPS-5A can store up to 10 condition settings, and the digital timer can be set in 10-second intervals. The mixer uses a Pseudo-Planetary mixing method. Automated operation provides an even consistency of solder paste for viscosity and temperature.




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