ISCRA’s Precise and Reliable Microdosing for Two-Component Resins

ISCRA dosaggio dei fluidi bicomponente

ISCRA dielectrics, a distributor specializing in liquid proportioning, mixing and dosing equipment, presents STD DUO, the response to the new market needs for fluid metering applications, where high precision, reliability, versatility and repeatability are required.
STD DUO is a system equipped with progressive cavitation pumps with controlled and continuous volume. This technology allows to dose, with the same device, a wide range of fluids, from very low viscosity (water, oils, etc.) to very viscous products (up to 1,000,000 mPa) such as greases, pastes, silicones, various sealants, mono and two-component resins - including those with added abrasive charges - ensuring a consistent and constant supply in every situation.
The pumps are equipped with worm screws in AISI 304 or 316, inserted in specific supports, available in various materials (NBR -FKM -FFKM -EPDM, etc.) according to the chemical compatibility of the products to be dispensed. This dispensing technology allows to perform precise dosages, independent of the viscosity fluctuations generated by temperature variations.
Thanks to the use of brushless motors or step by step with encoder it is possible to manage a wide range of dosing flow rates.
STD DUO is supplied complete with programmable and interfaceable control unit and the many sectors in which it is applied are automotive, solar/thermal, food, pharmaceutical, chemical and so on.


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