EMS Introduces New High Thermal Conductivity Die and Component Attach Adhesive

EMS TM-6520

EMS (Engineered Material Systems), a supplier of electronic materials for circuit assembly applications, presents its TM-6520 low temperature cure adhesive. Designed for die attach and general circuit assembly applications, the adhesive is electrically insulating and offers high thermal conductivity.


How It Works?

TM-6520 cures in 60 minutes at 70 °C or 20 minutes at 100 °C with a thermal conductivity of 1.7  W/°K. This material is ideal for applications where the components are temperature sensitive and require a high thermally conductive adhesive for heat dissipation. TM-6520 has a 24-hour work-life and a 15,000 cP viscosity at 5 rpm for easy needle dispensing.

TM-6520 was developed to pass the rigorous reliability requirements in die attach, disk drive, camera module, photonics and circuit assembly applications. It is the latest addition to Engineered Material Systems’ extensive line of electronic materials for semiconductor, circuit assembly, photovoltaic, printer head, camera module, disk drive and photonic applications.


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