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Connettori Phoenix Contact

Come scegliere i connettori più appropriati

I produttori di connettori sviluppano le loro offerte di prodotti per soddisfare i requisiti sempre più rigorosi del settore. Ecco qualche consiglio
Connettori Phoenix per il fotovoltaico / New connectors for photovoltaics

New connectors for photovoltaics

New connectors as well as cable-based string fuses extend the Sunclix product series for photovoltaic systems from Phoenix Contact.
Nicomatic EMM

Nicomatic EMM Micro connectors – 1.27mm pitch MIL-DTL-83513

With its 1.27mm pitch, the Nicomatic EMM Micro connectors achieves more than 40% space reduction compared to its parent CMM or 20% compared to standard Micro-D.
Ebo per i data server

Is EBO the technology of the future?

Cloud computing, big data and IoT are contributing to the need to transmit more and more data. IT applications in office and industrial buildings need ever higher bandwidths. This could easily be achieved with fiber optic cables. EBO technology could be a useful solution
Il Data center di envia tel cablato da Rosenberger OSI

Rosenberger OSI installs Cabling Infrastructure in envia TEL’s New Building

Rosenberger OSI installs state-of-the-art cabling infrastructure in envia TEL's new building, that ensures modularity and flexibility for telecom provider
Samtec Connectors

Aligning Multiple Connector Sets Between PCBs

Miniaturization has made it more difficult to align multiple connectors, but design best practices and early engagement with a connector provider can help ensure design success.
Connettori binder NCC subminiaturizzati

binder NCC Connectors for High Protection Level

The Series 670 NCC Subminiature Connectors expand the binder product range with a system for applications with restricted space.
Rosenberger PreCONNECT SEDECIM_1

Rosenberger receives GOLD Rating Award

Cabling specialist Rosenberger receives award for the development of a new cabling system for the transmission technology 400GBASE-SR8
MDC Rosenberger

Rosenberger OSI introduces new MDC connector

Cabling specialist Rosenberger OSI integrates innovative Miniature Duplex Connector (MDC) into PreCONNECT cabling systems
binder M8-D 011 connector

binder 818 Series Connectors for Miniature Sensor Applications

binder announces the new 818 Series: M8 D-Coded connectors, that will interest engineers who need to connect miniature sensors to Ethernet networks

Rosenberger OSI introduces the new PreCONNECT SEDECIM

Rosenberger OSI announces that a new cabling system – the PreCONNECT SEDECIM – is now available on the market.
Rosenberger Mexico Plant

Rosenberger OSI starts extensive sales activities in Mexico

Rosenberger OSI starts extensive sales activities in Mexico. Cabling specialist continues to grow and expands market presence in North America

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