Rosenberger OSI introduces new MDC connector

MDC Rosenberger

Cabling specialist integrates innovative Miniature Duplex Connector into PreCONNECT cabling systems

Rosenberger Optical Solutions & Infrastructure announces that the MDC (Miniature Duplex Connector) will soon be ready for series production. As early as 2019, Rosenberger was the first fiber optic cabling manufacturer worldwide to appear at trade fairs with application examples together with US Conec, the inventor of the pioneering connector. Parallel to the intensive cooperation, especially in the field of assembly, the cabling specialist Rosenberger OSI has started to integrate the MDC into its PreCONNECT cabling systems.

MDC Rosenberger

A new era: Mega High Density

The integration of the innovative connector system into the PreCONNECT® cabling systems is a further contribution to optimizing the use of space in data centers and heralds a new era. In addition to Standard Density (SD), High Density (HD) and Ultra High Density (UHD), the portfolio will be extended by Mega High Density (MHD). "With the MDC, the port density can be doubled or tripled compared to LC duplex per 19" height unit, depending on the panel system, and thus decisively save space in the rack," says Harald Jungbäck, Product Manager Datacenter at Rosenberger OSI. Mega High Density (MDH) becomes possible because MDC adapters with three or four ports can be used instead of LC duplex couplings. Within this application area, the Miniature Duplex Connector scores with its flexible and robust push-pull-boot, which allows easy handling despite highest port densities.


Rosenberger: Very Small Form Factor Connectors on the advance

The MDC is a true push-pull duplex connector based on 1.25 mm all-ceramic ferrule technology and belongs to the Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) connector category. Developed as Media Dependent Interface (MDI) or Optical Interface of the new SFP-DD and QSFP-DD transceivers, Harald Jungbäck attaches great importance to the innovative connector. "With the market launch of the two transceivers with the MDC as connector face, it has the potential to replace the LC duplex mass connector in its position. We are pleased, like already in the 90ies with the MTP, to be pioneer partner of US Conec”, said the Product Manager.




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