Alpha Academy: A Day of Creativity and Innovation

Hand Soldering

On April 19 in the halls of the Restaurant Bellariva di San Martino Trecate (NO), Alpha Academy organizes a day of study and training dedicated to soldering

The soldering process is critical for the quality and reliability of the product. On the occasion of creativity and innovation day organized by Alpha Academy, some important issues will be discussed related to the soldering of electronic boards: printing, reflow properties of the most innovative alloys and reliability.

The event is dedicated primarily to designers, production managers, process technicians, quality inspectors and purchasing offices.

Objectives of the day

The main objective of the day is to enable participants to:

- to optimize screen printing processes through deep understanding of print parameters;
- to optimize the design of stencils and openings;
- to learn about new alloys and soldering pastes with special regard to Automotive and LED sectors;
- to apply new technologies for more robust and reliable soldering (Preforms);
- to evaluate the influence of various finishes of printed circuits;
- to understand the theme of ionic contamination.

Topics covered

(by D. Casati, S. and D. Crivellaro Perico)

“The preform technology”
Increased robustness and reliability solder joints

“Sealing low-melting alloys and high reliability (Maxrel™) automotive and LED”
Materials “process oriented” and high performance

“Screen printing”
Optimization of printing parameters, stencils openings and pad design

“Ionic contamination, ionography, ion chromatography”
To clarify the problem once and for all

“Stencil tensored”
New tensioning system

“Printed circuit Finishes”
Comparison of the various finishes, advantages and disadvantages (by A. Colnago)

For information: Tel. 0321.789780


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