2MIX-GM for the dosage of two-component resins

2MIX_GM Sistema di dosaggio per resina bicomponente di ISCRA dielectrics

To protect and isolate an electrical or electronic device, insulating resins are an increasingly popular solution. ISCRA dielectrics offers a cutting-edge solution consisting of a metering unit that can be used as an isolated station or integrated into an automatic line. This is the 2MIX-GM equipment, a fixed ratio system for the dosage of two-component resins that allows to supply a constant quantity of mixed product. Pressing the start pedal the machine performs a single dispensing cycle and then reloads. The quantity of deliverable product can be varied within a certain predefined interval. Various models and configurations are available depending on the type of application and the products used.

2MIX-GM: different options

2MIX-GM allows a mixing ratio of 1: 1 - 12: 1 (volume). The products dispensed can have a maximum viscosity of 350,000 cPs and the quantity of product dosed is adjustable from 3 to 100 cc. with a high accuracy of ≤ 1%. The equipment can be configured according to the needs with gravity tanks or remote and pressurized, which can provide a heating and mixing system to make the dosing quality even more efficient.


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