Thermaltronics Offers Free Review and Trials of Soldering Robot

Thermaltronics USA, a manufacturer of soldering irons and robotic soldering systems incorporating the proprietary CURIE POINT Technology, have announced a free “check and review” program in response to the significant increase in robotic soldering applications. The check and review process is designed to help customers determine if robotic soldering is a viable option, compared to current manufacturing methods.

The Procedure

First, the customer provides basic information on board size, components, and process requirements in a systematic procedure. Thermaltronics will then review the data and, if there is a viable solution, will run trials of the soldering process using their robot and provide full video confirmation. All at no cost to the customer.

Thermaltronics TMT-R9800S

If there is agreement on the project going forward, a full demonstration of the solder robot can be arranged with the local distributor should this be required.
Thermaltronics has recognized that changing to robotic soldering is a big step for many companies and having the opportunity to gain confidence in the process is essential to ensure the best equipment is selected.


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