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ICAPE group

Since 1999, ICAPE Group secures the supply chain of printed circuit boards and custom-made technical parts of key players in the world electronics industry. With nearly 3,000 active customers, the French based company, is developing and establishing itself as one of the world leaders in its sector.

Founded around a small group of people by Thierry Ballenghien more than 20 years ago, ICAPE Group has become a multinational company of 600 employees, whose organization is deployed more and more each year. Based on three strategic headquarters in France, the USA, and China, ICAPE Group is structured around a global organization made of business units established all over the world, to offer its customers real local service, in their native language. Thanks to its network of partner factories that meet all the quality criteria, ICAPE Group can guarantee optimization, industrialization, control, and offer different logistics solutions on all printed circuit technologies as well as on 10 families of electronic technical parts.

One of the great strengths of ICAPE Group lies in its service office in China, located at the heart of its network of partner factories. Thanks to its purchasing, quality, customer service departments, its test laboratory, and its technical teams who visit the factories daily, ICAPE Group ensures the quality of its products throughout the entire production chain, right up to delivery.


The development of ICAPE Group has been spectacular over the past two years. In 2021, the company recorded a record turnover of 170 million euros, for a +35% growth compared to 2020. This growth is accompanied by a significant development of its infrastructures and the solutions offered, with the recent acquisition of 6 commercial entities, the deployment of new logistics centers in Europe such as Germany, Sweden, France, and Poland. In 2021, ICAPE Group also expanded its activities on the African continent with the acquisition of a production plant and the opening of a business unit in South Africa, which was requested during the Chinese New Year period, to significantly reduce delivery times.

2022 is the year of the resumption of physical trade fairs and customer meetings for the company. Over the past two years, marked by the Covid19 health crisis, ICAPE Group has developed remote solutions to stay in contact with its customers with the greatest efficiency. Every week, ICAPE Group organized virtual events all around the world in an interactive 3D environment (ICAPE Group Virtual Booth) but the company went much further in the process by setting up tools for virtual tours of its factories. and its offices, but also by deploying a videoconference audit system with its experts on-site, in Asia. As the health situation improves day by day, ICAPE Group is relaunching its action plan and will be physically present at many trade shows.
This year, ICAPE Group is renewing itself to support its development. The company worked on a new logo and the positioning of its services around a new visual identity and a new slogan: The power of precision. Starting from the deep conviction that it is the smallest details that make the difference between a good and an excellent supplier in the electronics industry, ICAPE Group relies on its immense network of experts and its daily and omnipresent rigor to fully satisfy its customers and continue its incredible business development around the world.

For more information, visit www.icape-groupe.com or send your requests to info@icape-group.com


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