CyberOptics Unveils WaferSense ARS

CyberOptics WaferSense ARS CyberSpectrum

CyberOptics Corporation unveiled at SEMICON Korea (from February 5-7th, 2020 at the COEX in Seoul) its new WaferSense Auto Resistance Sensor (ARS) with CyberSpectrum software for semiconductor tool set-up and diagnostics.


CyberOptics WaferSense Auto Resistance Sensor

The 300 mm Auto Resistance Sensor (ARS) with CyberSpectrum software enables real-time resistance measurements of plating cell contacts in semiconductor Electrochemical Deposition (ECD) applications. The ARS quickly identifies and monitors resistance measurements with 50 separate pads around the perimeter utilizing a Kelvin Sensing (4-wire resistance) method to detect residue affecting plating pins.
Process and equipment engineers in semiconductor fabs can predict when a tool needs maintenance with quantitative analysis of measured mean resistance over time, shorten equipment maintenance cycles, and improve cell-to-cell uniformity with the wafer-like, 4-wire resistance sensor and CyberSpectrum software’s objective and repeatable data.
“We have extended our proprietary line of WaferSense devices that are used by semiconductor fabs and equipment OEMs worldwide to significantly improve yields and tool uptime,” said Dr. Subodh Kulkarni, President and CEO, CyberOptics, “The new ARS can wirelessly capture and monitor real-time resistance measurements for the Electrochemical Deposition application in semiconductor fabs. Similar to our other WaferSense devices, it can also save time, expense and improve processes.”


WaferSense Auto Vibration and Leveling Sensor

CyberOptics will also demonstrate the WaferSense Auto Vibration and Leveling Sensor (AVLS3).
At only 3.5 mm thick, AVLS3 can travel with ease to most fab locations where a wafer travels. The Chemically Hardened Glass (CHG) substrate enables smooth wafer handling and improved vacuum chucking. AVLS3 with CyberSpectrum software, collects and displays both vibration and leveling data simultaneously for fast equipment set-up, alignment and real-time equipment diagnostic.


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