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Il Gruppo Prevent ha lanciato un nuovo servizio da remoto basato sul robot collaborativo Double 3, distribuito in Italia da Beyond International

From Prevent a robot at the customer’s service (article in Italian)

Prevent Group offers a robotic application to allow customers to remotely follow the process of prototyping and product/process qualification works (In Italian)
Delo adesivo termoconduttivo

DELO: Thermally Conductive Battery Adhesive for Hybrid Vehicles

DELO has introduced a structural adhesive for batteries used in hybrid vehicles, designed for high-volume series production
Il Data center di envia tel cablato da Rosenberger OSI

Rosenberger OSI installs Cabling Infrastructure in envia TEL’s New Building

Rosenberger OSI installs state-of-the-art cabling infrastructure in envia TEL's new building, that ensures modularity and flexibility for telecom provider
Nano Dimension AME

Nano Dimension New Solutions for 3D Printing

Nano Dimension offers quick solutions and easy access to complex PCBs and 3D printed electronics. Its unique and novel technology allows for rapid prototyping and production of high-performance electronic devices (Hi-PEDs).
Crimping tool by Phoenix Contact

The CRIMPFOX VARIO 4S crimping tool

The CRIMPFOX VARIO 4S crimping tool from Phoenix Contact ensures reliable processing of insulated, uninsulated, and TWIN ferrules.

EVS Introduces New Large Pot Solder Recovery System with Sealed Cabinet

EVS International introduces the new EVS18KLF Solder Recovery System,, allowing customers to recover more dross and producing a faster ROI.
Saki investimenti

Saki Raises Investment Funding of 300 Million Yen

Saki Corporation has raised investment funding of 300 million yen ($2.9 million) to develop the next generation of automated inspection solutions
Solder Pot Zoom

How to Measure the Temperature of the Crucible

Keeping the well temperature under control therefore helps to control the wave soldering process.

and cost-effective: 
LEDs for automotive

The small, flat design of current, high-efficiency LEDs offers plenty of scope for the design of innovative automotive products.

WristLab-Pro: innovative test station to access the EPAs

Designed to minimize biological risk, such as Covid-19, the new WristLab-Pro identifies the operator via RFID card or facial recognition

Rosenberger OSI establishes itself as solution provider for Meet-Me-Rooms

Rosenberger OSI establishes itself as solution provider for Meet-Me-Rooms, a physical space within a colocation data center or carrier-neutral data center which provides the connection to the outside world
ASM Cogiscan Partnership

Cogiscan Expands Strategic Partnership with ASM

Cogiscan Expands Strategic Partnership with ASM. New Collaboration enables Out-of-the-Box CFX Integration

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