A new alliance: E.S. Srl Electronic Solution and Phyton

In the last December, E.S. Srl Electronic Solution and Phyton Inc signed a new partnership for products distribution.

The Italian E.S. Srl Electronic Solution company, based in Concorezzo (MB) is specialized in testing systems production since more than 20 years; Phyton Inc is an American company with more than 25 years of experience in the design and sale of device programmers for engineering and developing and manufacturing tools for embedded microcontrollers - IDE, C compiler, JTAG-, OCD and in-circuit emulators; all these devices result to be competitive and extremely fast for the programming of engineering and production boards.
ES has now added among its partners, a new company specialized in programming ONCHIP and ONBOARD that offers the opportunity to expand the range of choices to its customers.
The company in Concorezzo will be an official distributor in Italy, providing also technical assistance to all companies that will need this service.


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