Seika Partners with Cogiscan to Offer MSD Control for McDry Cabinets

Seika mcdry

Seika Machinery, Inc. recently announced that it has partnered with Cogiscan to provide MSD Control for its McDry cabinets. As a result of the collaboration with Cogiscan, Seika offers precise tracking of the real-time location and remaining floor life of individual trays and reels containing MSDs – from the time they are removed from their protective dry bag, through placement, and final reflow.

Accurate adherence to the challenging guidelines and specifications of the J-STD-033 for Moisture Sensitive Devices (MSDs) can pose a challenge during circuit board assembly. Whether you rely on simplified procedures or over-bake your MSDs to be more conservative, you are likely wasting time and money as well as exposing yourself to actual failures in the field.

Cogiscan’s intelligent and automated MSD Control

Cogiscan’s intelligent and automated MSD Control application is the ideal solution to better control and accurately track MSDs throughout your facility. With the introduction of MSD Control, Cogiscan has deciphered the complex rules, calculations and guidelines of the J-STD and simplified them into a single, simple and automated solution. With the MSD Control solution, users no longer need to remember complicated formulas nor keep track of hand-written calculations in order to keep circuit board assemblies with MSDs in full compliance.


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