EVS Introduces New Large Pot Solder Recovery System with Sealed Cabinet


EVS International introduces the new EVS18KLF Solder Recovery System. The EVS18KLF has a larger 18kilo/40lbs pot, allowing customers to recover more dross and producing a faster ROI. Users can quickly recover up to 80 percent of pure solder with a higher ROI from the waste dross.

EVS has continually improved the performance of the EVS units and the new EVS18KLF is no exception. The solder recovery system has a touchscreen display, and like all the company's systems, is totally automatic.

EVS’ new patented technology provides a clean ingot bar as it filters the solder through gauze and the recovery rate is very high, achieving up to 80 percent solder from the dross.

Lingotti prodotti con EVS 18KLF2
Ingots produced with EVS 18KLF2

The EVS 18KLF sealed cabinet

The EVS18KLF features a totally sealed cabinet, enclosing the dross bucket and fume extraction. This area is now totally sealed.

The revolutionary Tilting Pot Mechanism allows engineers to dispense with the space-consuming twin opposed air rams and door. Inverting and rotating dross/solder pot and a novel hot air-activated auto drain tap creates the solder ingots.

The simple but ruggedly designed unit is highly ISO14001 compatible as it lives by the ISO mantra of reduce – reuse – recycle, enabling customers to reduce solder consumption by up to 50+ percent, an unheard of savings in the electronics production industry.



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