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    The Innovation Award is the Italian project aimed at recognizing the most innovative electronic and microelectronic devices.

    Its goal is to highlight the outcomes of the leading industries in microelectronic technology, the efforts of semiconductor and components manufacturers, suppliers and researchers and, most of all, to sketch out the trend and the short-term strategies that can improve the success of the electronic industry.

    The products (components, systems, equipments and software) selected by the editorial staff on the basis of innovative design, architecture, price and performance, will be voted in a competition by the italian users in the website www.elettronicanews.it, where the readers of the magazine and all the visitors of the Web will be able to choose the preferred product in each product category.

    An expert panel will select the winners and will choose among all the products the 2014 Best Innovation Award. Finally all the winner products will be awarded during the Innovation Award Gala.

    The Innovation Awards are organized by Selezione di Elettronica, the Italian magazine published by New Business Media.


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