Robotic solution for Battery Test Field by Acculogic

Test for Battery Array

With the patented Battery Array Tester by Acculogic, a method has been developed to test the connections of several batteries that are connected with their battery electrodes to bus bars in a battery module electrically and parallel with a test time of approx. 10 cells/sec. With the significant increase in the demand for batteries, for example for electric cars, mobile energy storage, solar power and energy efficient houses, we are consequently preparing the way for large-scale and fast battery connection tests.  The battery module is contacted by probes that are connected to a resistance measurement device. Such testing devices are reliable and can be easily adapted towards different testing situations.

Robotic precision and reliability by Acculogic

Most flying probe systems are designed to test PCB assemblies. These targets are small in size and weight compared to EV batteries and the test points are well-defined, in both size and location. Testing EV batteries in production requires a robotic system.  Acculogic's new tester is composed of a versatile robotics system with inspection, testing and measurement capabilities and enables a variety of applications. Four 2-D linear motors (robotic shuttles) with air bearings as payload carriers can travel anywhere within the x and y axis within a travel area of up to 1400 mm x 850 mm. They can be equipped with multi-pin test head probing modules for electrical tests, a camera module for visual inspection, a laser module for distance and co-planarity verification as well as custom modules to support further future requirements. The wide range of tests includes Interconnect, Hi-Pot, Isolation Layer, Discharge, Battery Electronics and Stand-Alone or In-Line testing.


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